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Privacy Notice


Privacy Notice for Patients


At Chantry Health Group, we’re committed to protecting and respecting your privacy…


This Privacy Notice explains why the GP Practice collects information about you, how we use it, the conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.



How is your information used?


The Healthcare professionals who provide you with care maintain records about your health and any treatment or care you have received previously (e.g. NHS Trust, GP Surgery, Walk-in clinic, etc.). These records help to provide you with the best possible healthcare, and are accessible by all members of the practice team – General Practitioners, Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Pharmacist and administration and reception staff.


NHS health records may be electronic, on paper or a mixture of both, and we use a combination of working practices and technology to ensure that your information is kept confidential and secure.



What type of information is collected from you?


Records which this GP Practice hold about you may include the following information:

Details about you, such as your address, contact numbers, carer,  legal representative,

emergency contact details;

Any contact the surgery has had with you, such as appointments, telephone consultations etc.;

Notes and reports about your health which could be generated from the practice or other details about your treatment and care;

Results of investigations such as laboratory tests, x-rays etc.;

Relevant information of you relatives or those who care for you;

Any other information which you have agreed to share with us, relating to you and your carer/family members.


Your records are used to facilitate the healthcare you receive from the practice to ensure care and treatment is delivered in the best possible way. Information held about you may be used to help protect the health of the public and to help us manage and contribute to the wider the NHS. Information may be used within the GP practice for clinical audits to monitor the quality of the service provided.


Some of this information will be held centrally and used for statistical purposes. Where we do this, we take strict measures to ensure that individual patients cannot be identified by redacting this information. Sometimes your information may be requested to be used for research purposes, and the practice will always gain your consent before releasing the information for this purpose.


How do we maintain the confidentiality of your records?


We are committed to protecting your privacy and will only use information collected lawfully in accordance with:


EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Data Protection Act 1998

Human Rights Act 1998

Common Law Duty of Confidentiality o Health and Social Care Act 2012

NHS Codes of Confidentiality, Information Security and Records Management

Information: To Share or Not to Share Review


Every member of staff who works for an NHS organisation has a legal obligation to keep information about you confidential. Our policy within the Practice ensures that all staff adheres to a strict internal Confidentiality Policy.


We will only ever use or pass on information about you if others involved in your care have a genuine need for it. We will not disclose your information to any third party without your permission unless there are exceptional circumstances (i.e. life or death situations), where the law requires information to be passed on and / or in accordance with the information sharing principle following Dame Fiona Caldicott’s information sharing review (Information to share or not to share) where “The duty to share information can be as important as the duty to protect patient confidentiality.” This means that health and social care professionals should have the confidence to share information in the best interests of their patients within the framework set out by the Caldicott principles. They should be supported by the policies of their own employers, regulators and professional bodies.



Who has access to your information?


We do not sell or rent your information to third parties. We will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes.


We may share your information, subject to strict agreements on how it will be used, with the following organisations;


NHS Trusts / Foundation Trusts;

Other General Practitioners;

Other General Practices with which we are federated and provide collaborative services;

NHS Commissioning Support Units;

Independent Contractors such as dentists, opticians, pharmacists;

Private Sector Providers;

Voluntary Sector Providers;

Ambulance Trusts;

Clinical Commissioning Groups; o Social Care Services;

NHS Digital;

Local Authorities; o Education Services;

Fire and Rescue Services; o Police & Judicial Services;

Other ‘data processors’ which you will be informed of.



You have a choice about whether you want your confidential patient information to be used in this way. If you are happy with this use of information you do not need to do anything. If you do choose to opt out your confidential patient information will still be used to support your individual care.


National data opt-out


To find out more or to register your choice to opt out, please visit  On this web page you will:

See what is meant by confidential patient information

Find examples of when confidential patient information is used for individual care and examples of when it is used for purposes beyond individual care

Find out more about the benefits of sharing data

Understand more about who uses the data

Find out how your data is protected

Be able to access the system to view, set or change your opt-out setting

Find the contact telephone number if you want to know any more or to set/change your opt-out by phone

See the situations where the opt-out will not apply


You can change your mind about your choice at any time.


Data being used or shared for purposes beyond individual care does not include your data being shared with insurance companies or used for marketing purposes and data would only be used in this way with your specific agreement.


Our organisation is compliant with the national data opt-out policy.


We may also use external companies to process personal information, such as for archiving purposes. These companies are bound by contractual agreements to ensure information is kept confidential and secure.



Risk Stratification


Risk stratification data tools are increasingly being used in the NHS to help determine a person’s risk of suffering a particular condition, preventing an unplanned or (re)admission and identifying a need for preventive intervention. Information about you is collected from a number of sources including NHS Trusts and from this GP Practice. Risk stratification enables your GP to focus on preventing ill health and not just the treatment of sickness. If necessary your GP may be able to offer you additional services. Please note that you have the right to opt out of your data being used in this way.



Medicines Management


The Practice may conduct Medicines Management Reviews of medications prescribed to its patients. This service performs a review of prescribed medications to ensure patients receive the most appropriate, up to date and cost effective treatments. This service is provided to practices within North East Lincolnshire through North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.



How long do we keep your information?


Your health record is a lifelong record which will be digital, with potentially some records in paper format depending on when you were born.



Your choices


Should you have any concerns about how your information is managed at the GP, please contact the GP Practice Manager. If you are still unhappy following a review by the GP Practice, you can then complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) via their website (


If you are happy for your data to be extracted and used for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice then you do not need to do anything. If you have any concerns about how your data is shared then please contact the Practice.



Use of ‘cookies’


My Surgery Website Limited, who host our website, do not set first party cookies on our website containing any personal data unless specifically instructed to do so by the user. For example, if a user requests to be remembered on a form then a cookie is set to retain the form data for next time.



Our website uses third-party cookies to collect anonymous traffic data about how our website is used. This information is stored by Google and subject to their privacy policy, which can be viewed here:


Google Analytics collects information such as pages you visit on the site, the browser and operating system you use and time spent viewing pages. The purpose of this information is to help us improve the site for future visitors. These cookies are not used to track you or your activity but if you do not wish these cookies to be stored on your computer, disable cookies in your browser settings.


You may delete cookies at any time. See the help in your internet browser to find out how to delete your cookies.



Use of SystmOnline


TPP, who supply System One, the clinical system which the practice uses, may request or collect certain information about you when you use SystmOnline. TPPs Privacy Policy (available via is incorporated into these Terms and Conditions by reference and explains how TPP treats your information and protects your privacy when you use SystmOnline. You agree to the use of your data in accordance with TPP’s Privacy Policy (Source:

You can access TPPs full policy here: Policy


How you can access and update your information


The accuracy of your information is important to us. It is essential that you tell the person treating you if any of your details such as your name or address have changed or if any of your details such as

date of birth is incorrect in order for this to be amended. You have a responsibility to inform us of any changes so our records are accurate and up to date for you.


Who is the Data Controller and Data Protection Officer?


The Data Controller, responsible for keeping your information secure and confidential is The Chantry Health Group, overseen by the Practice Manager. The Data Protection Officer is the practices’ IT Manager. The Practice Manager and IT Manager can be contacted by telephoning the surgery.




Should you have any queries or concerns about how your information is managed by the Practice please refer to and act in accordance with our Compliment, Concerns and Complaints Policy 


If you are still unhappy following a review by the Practice you can then complain to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO).,, telephone: 0303 123 1113 (local rate) or 01625 545 745

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