Self Help Services

Did you know?


There are many different services in and around Grimsby that you may be able to access with out having to come and see your GP? Here are some of the services within our area that may be helpful to you! 


Minor Ailments Service (Community Pharmacy)

Pharmacists and pharmacy staff are able to advised you on certain illness's, ifyou are eligible for free prescriptions this service is completely free, or if you pay for prescriptions you may be able to get an over the counter medication cheaper than a prescription cost! For a full list of what can be dealt with and a list of all the pharmacies in the area that offer this service, follow this link:-


Sexual Health:-

You can access the Sexual Health Hub for advice on contraception, STI's and many other sexual health related requirements! Call 03003 301122 or Follow this link:-


Pregnancy Advisory Service:-

There are 2 pregnancy advisory services, they offer a discreet pregnancy termination service in which you can self refer, call 01472 302370 or follow this link for further information:-


Open Minds:-

Are you 16+ suffering with low level anxienty or depression? Do you have a long term illness which affecting your daily life? Open minds offer lots of services to help with your mental health and Improving Access to Psychological Services. Call 01472 625100 or follow:-


Live Well Service 

Live Well offers a range of services to help you with daily life, weight management, smoking, mental and emotional wellbeing. They are a great support scheme which can also help you deal with problems such as finance, housing advice and social needs. Age 18+, You can Self-refer by texting 'Wellbeing' to 60060, call 01472 325500 or follow this link:-


Social Prescribing (Thrive) 

If you are age 18-65 and suffer from on of the following:-

• Asthma


• Diabetes

• Hypertension (high blood pressure)

• Atrial Fibrillation

You can access the Social prescribing service, this helps you get involved with social activities, such as fitness classes and groups to help you socialise or if you just want to learn something new or find new friends!

For more information please contact Centre4 on 01472 236675 and one of our Social Prescribing team will talk to you about what the programme can offer.

Referrals to thrive.nel can also be made by asking about Social Prescribing at your GP practice.




FOCUS Adult Social Care 

FOCUS is an Adult Social Care Service that provides help to adults who require support in the community, whether carers' are required or other support. They will complete an assessment on the request of a patient and check what help is available for them. This also includes families who are caring for a family member and are now struggling and require more help. FOCUS is access via the Single Point of Access telephone number which is 01472 256256 or follow this link for further information:-


Child Health Help Guides

During this ongoing crisis with COVID-19 some parents may be unsure if and when they should contact GP Surgeries or Hospital in relation to theire children being unwell. Please see the below child health help guides and hopefully this will help.